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Maintain nearly perfect symmetry with Permanent  Makeup

It is time for you to find out why so many women are turning to Permanent Make-up before cosmetic surgery. Perfectly shaped eyebrows are a dream to wake up to! With the an experienced artist your PMU brows can last 2-3 years. We can shape and lift the tails of your brows to give you a lifted fox eye look that takes years off your appearance, frames your face leaving a soft ombre front and natural healed results. Our color options are limitless! We can mix all hues of brow, eyeliner and lip pigments to match your individual needs using award winning pigment lines. Lip Blushing is another amazing service that adds color and shape to depleted, pale lips. Traditional Lip injections can cause the skin on your lips to become thin & clear over time. Who doesn't love a rose pink, orange coral, dusty mauve tint to brighten you lips and add life to your face!

If you're looking to enhance your lips even further we offer Hyaluron pen lip plumping! The Hyaluron Pen is a less invasive needleless technique that is the perfect alternative to traditional needle injections. The Hyaluron Pen uses high pressure to deposit Hyaluronic Acid Filler into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the skin. Leaving your lips hydrated, plump, and youthful.

If you're looking to add to you services we offer an in person, hands on training course.

To top it off we can enhance your lash line with a smokey tattooed liner or faux freckles, camouflage dark spots, scars and more! book a consult with us now for the best glam hack of all time, wakeup with makeup! contact us for an online consult or book your service below. 


Ellie's Boutique specializes in brow artistry, Threading, BrowHenna, Lip-blushing, Eyeliner, Microblading, Microshading, PowderBrows, Hyaluron injections, tooth-gems and more! We are passionate about empowering women and making them feel as beautiful as they deserve, thats why we offer the oportunity to train one on one with our master trainers and start your own career in Permanent Make-up.

Become a certified Beauty influencer by completing our in depth trainings.


-Microblading & Microshading manual Course 

-Powderbrows machine work Course 

-Hyaluron pen lip injection Course

-Supercilium HennaBrow and Threading Course

-Lipblushing/Tattooing Course

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