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Hyaluron Pen 

Needless injections are one of the most highly requested services right now! The Hyaluron Pen is a less invasive technique that is the perfect alternative to traditional needle injections. The Hyaluron Pen uses high pressure to deposit filler into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the skin. Leaving the lips hydrated, plump, and youthful.

This procedure only takes about 30-45 minutes for each client and cost $300-$400 dollars a session!

Sign up for my hands on training course today and increase your income by an extra $4000+ a month!!! 

Hyaluron Pen Training Course Includes

  • Starter kit

  • 1 Hyaluron pen

  • 3 boxes of filler

  • 5 disposable ampoules

  • Supplies for first 3 clients

  • Tray set up and break down

  • Hyaluron pen introduction & break down

  • Live model demo

  • Lip shaping technique

  • Body positioning & hand placement

  • Take home training manual

  • Lip shaping technique

  • Safety & sanitation

  • Marketing tips and tricks

  • Supply list

  • Client consultation

  • Consent/waiver forms

  • Insurance

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

     Hello, my name is Megan Jergens, the face behind Outer Image Beauty. I’ve been in this industry since 2019 and my success has inspired me to teach other woman to break free from low paying, under appreciative jobs.

     I began my career in permanent makeup to help build women's confidence by naturally enhancing my clients features. When I discovered the Hyaluron Pen, a needless injection, I found it was a great alternative to enhance my client’s lips naturally without having to resort to more invasive surgical procedures. This became such a highly requested service of mine that I began educating other beauty professionals on how to perform this technique safely and properly. I feel small intimate classes are crucial when teaching my students, I'm able to provide individual attention in my hands on training course. I am very passionate when it comes to my career. I love uplifting and empowering women whether that be in their appearance or educating them on ways to becoming their own boss. When you genuinely love what you do, happiness and financial freedom follow. 

Contact & Booking

Feel free to text or call regarding any questions or concerns. For more service pricing or bookings use my square booking link below

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